Akeida specializes in providing project developers with creative capital in the form of senior secured, junior secured, mezzanine debt and equity. Akeida invests in late stage renewable energy projects that are ready for construction, in construction or operational. Projects must utilize a previously commercially deployed technology, complete permitting and secure essential contracts such as fuel supply, energy sales, transmission and Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) agreements. Akeida also invests in projects that have completed key milestones yet face a funding gap and require capital for construction or to improve operations.

Akeida partners with qualified project developers, legal and engineering teams to bring renewable energy projects online and generate excellent risk adjusted returns for our investors. Akeida targets:

• Small cap renewable energy facilities with investments that range between $5 to $20 million

• Proven and previously commercially deployed renewable technologies (i.e. biomass)

• Interim financing with a duration of approximately 24 months

• Projects that generate cash flow within 6- 12 months